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Freight Policy

We understand being on online business that the cost of freight is a significant factor for our customers. The combination of a competitive overall cost with regard to product and freight is highly valued by our customers.

Overly aggressive, low and unsustainable product pricing structures that are offset by high, margin producing freight structures do not in the majority of instances provide an overall good value proposition, or overall cheaper ‘front to back’ transaction for home brewers shopping via the internet.

At Aussie Brewmakers we have undertaken extensive research of our customer base and have implemented a freight structure in combination with a competitive product pricing model that delivers excellent value to our customers. In fact, over the past 3 years Aussie Brewmakers subsidised over 80% of all freight costs on orders to an amount between 12% and 40% of the total freight cost.

Further, we understand that our customers want cheap freight that is simply structured so they know what the delivery costs are prior to and while they are shopping online.

Aussie Brewmakers have a fixed freight structure on the majority of the orders we dispatch, subject to the conditions detailed within this policy:

For VIC / NSW / ACT / TAS / SA Delivery Addresses:
Orders less than or equal to $100 in value incur a $12.50 freight charge
Orders greater than $100 in value incur a $17.50 freight charge

For QLD / WA / NT Delivery Addresses:
Orders less than or equal to $100 in value incur a $17.50 freight charge
Orders greater than $100 in value incur a $22.50 freight charge

Please note:

  1. Some Aussie Brewmakers products require a freight quote prior to dispatch. These products will have this requirement detailed in the product listing. Typically these products are large and bulky items such as Kegerators, Grainfathers, Robobrews, All Grain Brewery Systems and bulk purchases of beer tins and/or sugars.
  2. Aussie Brewmakers reserve the right to adjust freight charges on large / heavy and bulky items, especially to remote rural areas, Western Australia and Northern Territory. We note that over the past 3 years only 7% of orders received online required freight adjustments (i.e. we heavily subsidise freight to remote and rural locations). If you are in a remote area and do not contact us prior to ordering online, you may be contacted and asked to accept these additional freight charges before your order is dispatched. If the additional charges are not acceptable to you, a full refund will be offered and the order cancelled. The process of notification will be:
    1. An email detailing the additional freight charges will be sent to you within 24 hours of the placement of an order.
    2. If a response is not received from you after 24 hours a further 2 attempts will be made via email to contact you with regard to the additional freight charges. In the event no response is received after 10 days a full refund will be actioned.
    3. Refunds for non-acceptance of the additional freight will be made in full.
    4. Refunds will be actioned via the following methods:
      1. Direct Deposit if payment was originally made via credit card (we cannot refund directly to credit cards as we do not store the card details on our systems)
      2. Cheque mailed via Australia Post in the instance there is no response from the customer after the 3 attempts to contact them via email over a 10 day period
      3. PayPal if payment was originally made via PayPal.
  3. Aussie Brewmakers is subject to re-pricing from its freight carriers on a regular basis. We may amend our Freight Policy at any time in our discretion by updating this Freight Policy on our website. All amended terms shall automatically be effective immediately after they are updated in the Freight Policy, unless otherwise stated.

Returns & Refunds Policy

If a product you purchase from us is not as advertised, faulty or doesn't meet current standards as required by legislation, we will replace, rectify or repair as per current consumer law.

We recommend you choose carefully before making a purchase as no returns are permitted where you are simply unhappy with the purchase or has changed their mind.

Faulty products may need to be returned either to Aussie Brewmakers or to the manufacturer or their agent for processing of warranty claims. We encourage you to contact us for any issue and to discuss a suitable and equitable solution to issues which may arise. Generally, cost of postage or freight for return items is your responsibility.

Damage to goods in transit is not the responsibility of Aussie Brewmakers or their associated interests or entities. Every effort will be made by Aussie Brewmakers to pack orders carefully to minimise the risk of damage.

We encourage customers to contact Aussie Brewmakers to arrange insurance for high value purchases however, we will not actively solicit you to take out insurance during the website order process as it is a purely at your discretion whether you take out insurance.

Issues with damage caused in transit should be taken up with Australia Post or the relevant carrier at the first opportunity. If there is an issue with damage caused by mishandling or an incident in transit, we encourage customers to make contact with one of our staff at the earliest opportunity. Aussie Brewmakers will work with you to attain the best possible outcome.

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