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Yeast Starter Kit / Yeast Rehydration Kit

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Are you having issues with a long lag time for your yeast to kick off?

Are you having full attenuation issues and not hitting your final gravity?

Are you experiencing some unwanted flavours / aromas in your finished beer?

If so, then this kit might very well be your solution!

This kit can be used to make starters from liquid yeast and to rehydrate dried yeast prior to pitching.

This kit is an ideal size for 23L batches.

Kit Includes:

  • 1000ml Borosilicate Erlenmeyer Flask
  • 36-45mm Bored Food Grade Silicon Bung
  • 3 Piece Senior Airlock
  • 50g Yeast Nutrient
  • 250g Light Dried Malt Extract
  • Full step by step instructions

Yeast Starter v’s Yeast Rehydration – Which one is right for you and what is the benefit?

Yeast starters are typically used with liquid yeasts to propagate the number of yeast cells to facilitate higher pitching rates. Liquid yeasts do not have the optimal number of cells for beer fermentation out of the pack and therefore benefit significantly from a starter prior to pitching. By making a starter and increasing pitching rates you will reduce the lag phase, unwanted flavours/aromas and achieve greater attenuation.

Yeast Rehydration is not a Yeast Starter. Yeast rehydration is typically associated with dried yeasts. Dried yeasts contain optimal numbers of viable yeast cells already and do not require propagation via a starter. Dried Yeasts do however benefit from rehydration prior to pitching and the practice is recommended by most dried yeast manufacturers. Pitching dried yeast directly to wort will likely kill a large portion of the yeast cells on contact as the sugars present can inhibit the cells from drawing enough water through their membrane to kick start their metabolism. This may result in a long lag phase, unwanted flavours / aromas and attenuation issues. By rehydrating dried yeast prior to pitching you will be ‘waking up’ the yeast cells and restarting its metabolism prior to pitching. Consider this ‘warming up your car engine’ prior to driving on a winters day.

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