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'Smoke on the Water' Rauchbier Recipe Kit

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This recipe kit is our version of a Bamberg style German Smoked Beer (Rauchbier). If you like a bit of bacon and you like beer then this is the recipe kit for you!

A full flavoured beer with Beechwood smoked German malt overtones combined with moderate use of noble German hops gives this beer its distinctive flavour.

This recipe is another great introduction to experimenting with hops, steeping grains and wet malts for the beginner or intermediate brewer who wants to take their tin kit brewing to the next level.

Supplied Kit Ingredients:

  • Thomas Coopers Series Golden Crown Lager (Beer Kit)
  • Briess CBW Goldpils Vienna Liquid Malt Extract (Malt Tin)
  • Dextrose
  • Cracked Rauchbier Grain Pack (Steeping Grains)
  • Hersbrucker Finishing Hops (steeped)
  • Hallertau Finishing Hops (steeped)
  • Mangrove Jack’s Craft Series M54 Californian Lager Yeast (Warm Ferment Lager Yeast)

Detailed step by step brewing instructions are supplied with this recipe kit.

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