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Skinny Blonde Recipe Kit

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This recipe is an Aussie Brewmakers original. It is a ‘take’ on the low-carb, blonde style of beers – but with a bit more flavour and mouth-feel from the hops and grain.

We call it our Skinny Blonde and it is well worth a try if you are watching those carbs but still enjoy a beer!

This recipe is another great introduction to experimenting with hops and grains for the beginner or ‘tin kit’ brewer.

Supplied Kit Ingredients:

• 1.7kg Coopers Canadian Blonde Beer Kit
• 1kg Beer improver (500g Dextrose / 500g Light Dried Malt Extract)
• 15g Brew Cellar Premium American Ale Yeast
• 150g Cracked Light Grain - steeped
• 12g Saaz Finishing Hops - steeped
• 3g Brew Cellar Dry Enzyme (used to ferment more of the malt sugars to make a drier/diet beer)

Other Ingredients:

• 200g of Dextrose if kegging with no secondary fermentation (not supplied)


1. Clean / sterilize all equipment including wort, paddle, mug and jug (used for steeping)

2. Discard Coopers Canadian Blonde tin yeast and sit tin in hot water for 10 minutes

3. Boil 1.25ltrs of water in kettle

4. Steep 12g of Saaz Finishing Hops in 250mls of boiling water for 10 minutes

5. Steep Cracked Light Grain in 1ltr boiling water for 15 minutes

6. Re-boil 2ltrs water in kettle

7. Add 1.5ltrs of boiled water to wort

8. Add 1kg Head & Body to wort and stir to thoroughly dissolve

9. Add Coopers Canadian Blonde tin to wort and stir thoroughly to dissolve

10. Pour 500mls of boiled water into Coopers Canadian Blonde tin and stir then add to wort

11. Re-boil 500mls water in kettle

12. Strain steeped Cracked Light Grain into wort and rinse with 500mls boiled water (do not add grain to wort)

13. Add water to wort to 22.5 ltrs and test temperature – make sure it is between 18-24 degrees before pitching yeast

14. Take initial hydrometer reading

15. Add Saaz Finishing Hops bag and mug of water to wort

16. Add 3g Brew Cellar Dry Enzyme to wort and stir gently

17. Pitch 15g Brew Cellar Premium American Ale Yeast and stir gently

18. When fermentation finished (may take longer than normal due to addition of the Dry Enzyme) check with hydrometer and bottle as per normal.

N.B. If kegging, add 200g of Dextrose at step 8

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