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Home Brew Ginger Beer Starter Kit - Deluxe

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This complete package deal contains everything required (excluding bottles) to make circa. 20 litres or 53 stubbies of quality ginger beer at home.

With this quality home brew kit you will be able to make alcoholic or non-alcoholic ginger beer to suit your own taste, save heaps of money and enjoy a great hobby!

It is the same as the BASIC kit but is upgraded with the following:

  • A Twin Lever ‘Emily’ capper instead of a Hand Capper. This quality capper is far safer and easier to use than a hand capper when crown sealing bottles and will greatly reduce the risk of breaking bottles at this part of the process.
  • A 250ml bottle of Morgan’s Lo Suds and a 250ml bottle of Morgan’s Sanitize instead of 250g Sodium Percarbonate. The combination of these brewery specific cleaning and sterilizing agents greatly assist in sanitary brewing.


All first time ginger beer makers and is ideal for kegging or storing your ginger beer in plastic or glass bottles. Please note crown seals and capping / bottling equipment is included in this kit. It does not include the actual bottles. We recommend collecting and re-using commercial beer bottles in either 330ml, 375ml or 750ml sizes (crown or screw type bottles suitable).

In addition, the equipment and hardware included with this kit is suitable for home brewing all kinds of beer, cider and ginger beer.

Equipment included:

30 litre Fermenter with O ring, Tap, Sediment Reducer, Volume Scales, Stick On Thermometer, Grommet and Airlock

Bottlebrush – Large

480mm Paddle

Hydrometer – Complete

Little Bottler

Beer Making Manual

Twin Lever ‘Emily’ Capper

Consumables included:

1 x 250ml Morgan’s Lo Suds

1 x 250ml Morgan’s Sanitize

1 x 100 Crown Seals

1 x 1Kg Dextrose

1 x pkt Carbonation Drops

1 x 1Kg Morgan’s Ginger Beer Kit

Note: The picture on this listing is generic and for representation purposes only and may differ from the supplied hardware, equipment and ingredients detailed above.

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