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Fuselex Ultimate Spirit Filter

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The Fuselex Ultimate Spirit Filter is our best selling spirit filter unit.

The filter is made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel and in our opinion is the best filter for the home brewer that money can buy.

The filter only uses approximately 350 grams of Granulated Activated Carbon fo 20 litres of spirit and due to its innovative design you get maximum carbon contact time which ensures removal of taint and smell. Please note: Spirit cannot be filtered properly at high percentage rates. 40% is recommended as you need to treat the finished product and not add any water after filtering.

The filter has an upper chamber, treatment chamber and flow control chamber. The filter also comes with a mounting bracket so you can mount the unit to any wall - saves on that precious bench space!

To use:

  • Mount the fuselex to a suitable wall fixture at a suitable height with the mounting bracket
  • Pack the flow control chamber using filter media such as fish tank filter fiber. This will ensure no fine carbon dust is present in the finished product.
  • Connect the flow control chamber to the treatment chamber and pour the activated carbon into the treatment chamber.
  • Attach the upper chamber to the treatment chamber. You are now ready to filter spirit.
  • Place a collection bottle such as a 5L demijohn below the ball valve outlet on the flow control chamber and make sure the ball valve tap is in the closed position.
  • Once you have filled the upper chamber with spirit wait at least 45 minutes to ensure the carbon in the treatment chamber is saturated.
  • After 45 minutes open the ball valve and collect 250ml of spirit. Return this spirit to the Upper Chamber as it might have a small degree of carbon residue.
  • Turn the ball valve on until a flow rate of 1 drip per second.
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