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Home Brew Starter Kit-Premium

This complete package deal contains everything required (excluding bottles) to make 23 litres or 60 stubbies of quality beer at home.
It is the same as the BASIC kit but is supplied with a bench capper and a 30 watt Heat Belt.
This is everything you need and represents a huge savings on purchasing individual items.
This kit is suitable for brewing in cold temperatures and for beermakers storing their beer in glass bottles.
Equipment included:
30 litre Fermenter with O ring, Tap, Sediment Reducer, Volume Scales, Thermometer, Grommet and Airlock
Bottlebrush – Large
480mm Paddle
Hydrometer – Complete
Little Bottler
Beer Making Manual
Bench Capper
Heat Belt 30W
Consumables included:
1 x pkt Steriliser – 250g
100 x Crown Seals
1 x 1Kg Dextrose
1 x pkt Carbonation Drops
1 x 1.7Kg Beer Kit (Morgan's Kettled Blue Mountains Lager)
Item Code: 10350
Item Unit: Each
$179.00 (Inc GST)

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